Romania in winter

How Romanians are celebrating winter holidays

The title of this blog post sounds like a google search query. And the answer to the query is as genuine it can be, as this post is about the way we, the Romanians, celebrate winter holidays. For one part of my family, winter holidays start with preparation. Namely, 40 days before Christmas, with the Read more about How Romanians are celebrating winter holidays[…]

Market in Transylvania

Discovering Transylvania markets and fairs

If you are a foreign tourist who wants to feel the beat of a country, I think you need to try as many experiences that will bring you closer to the daily life of the locals. You can look for accommodation in family owned guesthouses, search for restaurants popular among locals, but unknown to the Read more about Discovering Transylvania markets and fairs[…]

Easter mass in Transylvania

Easter traditions in Romania – a handy guide

Easter is one of the most important and most beautiful holidays of Christianity.┬áRomania is predominantly a Christian country, Romanians belonging in their great majority to the Orthodox Christian rite, so Easter is a special event, who gathers friends and families together. The church is playing an important role in the community, a fact that can Read more about Easter traditions in Romania – a handy guide[…]

Old Town Sibiu

A few things to do in Sibiu you won’t find in any guide book

Planning a visit to Sibiu is easy: there are so many sources of information that sometimes the biggest hassle is to know how to filter it. Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, National Geographic, Tripadvisor. All of these guide books are doing a great job in giving you an introduction in Sibiu most valuable touristic attractions. But Read more about A few things to do in Sibiu you won’t find in any guide book[…]