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The best time to visit Romania

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Bran village and Bran Castle, in May

Romania is a tourist destination open all year round. Situated in Eastern Europe, with a temperate continental climate, Romania is an area with four full seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Each person has a particular preference for a season or another, so this post will not try to convince you to visit Romania in a certain period. From my experience, I can tell you that the decision for the specific season to come to Romania depends also on the corner of the World my tourists are coming from. For example, travellers from warm climates (like Brasil or South East Asia) would choose to come to Romania in winter, in order to experience snow or cooler temperatures they might not find in their countries. And also, each season has its charm: winter is about snow and Christmas, spring is about nature rebirth and Easter, summer is by definition a holiday season and autumn is about crops, winemaking and an explosion of amber colours in the forest.

But, if I would be a tourist planning to come to Romania, I would choose 2 intervals for my vacation in Romania. First I would choose the second part of May and mid-October. In these periods, the temperatures are mild, ranging around 20 to 25 degrees during the day, the chances of 2 continuous days of rain are slim and nature is at its best. More than that is the low season in tourism, so, besides the higher chances of better prices, you don’t have to worry about spending too much time queuing to enter the most important touristic attractions.

First, the end of May: the landscape is lush green, the air is fresh and scented with spring flowers ( insider tip: search the places with acacia trees: you will be mesmerised by their perfume). There is still some snow covering the mountain caps, so a great chance for photo opportunities. And, let’s not forget the seasonal fruits: cherries and strawberries.

Second, mid-October. I already argued in another blog post about this period of the year as the best time to see the autumn colours. More than that, the atmosphere is perfumed with a perfect combination of dried leaves and fruit aromas coming from orchards and vineyards. And let’s not forget the October fest! 🙂

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