The best time to see the autumn colours in Romania

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In Romania,  autumn is considered to be the period between September to November. The weather in September is pleasantly warm with high temperatures ranging between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius ( 77 to 86 F), and low temperature ranging from 0  to 15 degrees Celsius ( 32 to 59 F) during the night. September is the month when the leaves from the trees are starting their transition from green to rust, but the chlorophyll is still existing in large amounts in the foliage, masking any other pigment that might dare to challenge its supremacy in the melting pot of colours.

Nature colors in Romania in mid September
Nature colors in Romania in mid September

In  October, the weather it’s starting its shift to the cold season, with some nights with freezing temperatures, but with still a lot of warm and sunny days. The predominant colour is green at the begging of the month, but the signs that it is starting to lose the battle with the army of amber are more and more present.

Autumn colors in Romania
Transylvania, Oct 9th, 2018, 800 m altitude

But the wonder of autumn is starting to appear in mid-October when the battle between emerald tones and orange hue is ending with an explosion of a stunning array of browns, pinks, ¬≠oranges, auburns, yellows and ochres. Is the period when the leaves are still decorating the trees, and the joy of life doesn’t show any sign of weariness.

Mid October colors in Romania
Mid October colors in Romania

November is the month when winter is waiting at the corner,  the night are freezing cold, the mornings are bathed in mist, and the trees are naked, with the leaves resting at their feet, like a rusting blanket.

End of November – Transylvania

However, the interval with the best chances to photograph the colours of autumn in Romania depends very much on the season. For example, in 2020, November was very similar to October. Many sunny days, no frost or snow on altitudes lower than 1500 m. Therefore, nature kept its decoration longer in shades of gold, amber, brown or red, although on the tops of the mountains we could already see snow spots.

Autumn colours in Romania
The picture was taken at the beginning of November, near Sibiu. Snow-capped mountains above 2000 m, but below, autumn colors were still at their peak

So, if you want to tour in Romania, for admiring the autumn colors, my suggestion is to choose the mid-October. Look for the forest with different type of trees ( linden, birch, walnut, beech, sycamore, maple, oak,) in order to get the whole array of colours. There are good chances of pleasant weather in this period (this year for example we had 2 weeks of Indian summer ).

A tour on Transfagarasan in this time of the year gives you the opportunity the contrast between the birch trees and the fir trees on the north side, or the kaleidoscope of orange, red and brown of the deciduous forests from the south side. A tour in the countryside would be also a good option, as you’ll find there a lot of walnuts, linden or acacia trees.

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