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This is not a Castle Tour

I have to confess that almost all of my tourists are wanting to visit the Bran Castle on their way to Brasov, from Sibiu. But the last excursion to Brasov was different, as my guests had already seen the famous Transylvanian Castle, also known as Dracula Castle. So, I tried to built an itinerary  with attractions less know by tourists, a little off the beaten track.

So, the tour was about people, about experiences, about local tradition and rural life. We visited an complex installation for processing the wool into fine fiber and in a same time a very efficient washing machine: the whirlpool ( valtoare in Romanian). The second stop was at a water mill, 150 years old, using the original flint stones to finely grind the cereals and obtain a high quality flour. Amazing traditions kept alive by faithful and hard working families, with a lot of sacrifice in the Communist time, and a lot of perseverance today.

Between the whirlpool and the mill  he had a picnic, on a shore of a river at the foothills of the Carpathians. Much better option than a lunch at a restaurant.

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