The food tour of Sibiu

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I’m a foodie and one of my favorite discussion topics is food. During my tours I always touching this subject because I believe that the cuisine is part of the local culture, and you can’t say that your experience in a specific country is complete without trying the local food and drinks.

Sibiu is a multicultural city. Even though, right now the Romanians are representing the majority of the population, and the city until the ’70s used to be a German city, throughout its long history, Sibiu like Transylania, was the crossroad of many other civilizations. The Austrian, Hungarian and Turkish had their political or economical interest here, and with this, they brought their food in the city, which influenced more or less the local cuisine. So, from this point of view, Transylvanian cuisine is an unique blend of Western and Oriental foods, evolved and reshaped using local ingredients and cooking techniques.

My food tour of Sibiu is always starting from the farmers market. Is here were will find the local ingredients that are giving to the distinctive touch to the food.  Is not only the generous offer of seasons vegetables, fruits, greens, honey, nuts, local cheese which is making this place so much interesting. Is also the buzzing of the cheese mongers, praising their merchandise or the tempting smell coming from the street food stalls.

After visiting the market, we have multiples choices. Either we go to restaurant in Sibiu, known only by the locals, to enjoy an authentic lunch, simple and tasty, without the bumptiousness of a classy restaurant or the tourists traps you’ll find in the main square of Sibiu. Or, if we had time, we can go to the countryside, for a lunch prepared especially for us, at one of the guesthouses in Marginimea Sibiului or Hartibaciu Valley. Or, if the weather is good, with the products from the market, we can organize a picnic in a nice natural area, at the foothills of the Carpathians, or on the Transfagarasan.


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