Why you shouldn’t book a tour with me

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There are already 4 years since I have started the adventure of being a tour guide.  I still remember my first tour with a 70 years old lady from New York, traveling alone in Eastern Europe. We went to Sarmisegetuza and the tour was perfect. I picked her up in the morning from her hotel, drive to Sarmisegetuza, have a good lunch at a nearby guest house, chated continuously the whole day and returned in time to Sibiu. She didn’t felt how nervous I was, or if she did, she was  perfectly  hiding it. Unfortunately I could’t keep in contact with her after that, because she doesn’t use social media; actually she didn’t even had a mobile phone. Several other memorable experiences soon followed, and I started to consider my self lucky, having such great peoples as clients. But I realized that this is the normality. My tourists were in their vacation mood, so, if  everything happens according to plan, there is no reason  not to be be nice. In 4 years, I didn’t had any bad experience, but with some of my tourists I realized I developed a specific chemistry. So, to keep my list with good memories from my tours untouched, please don’t book a tour with me if ( I didn’t/t had any tourist like that, but, just to be sure 🙂 :

  • you have a low level of cultural tolerance. When someone is culturally different, they are not bad just because they are different. They are just different, and that is all. There is nothing wrong with that.  I actually quite enjoyed the discussion about religion, for example with my guests from India or Algeria.
  • you want a tour guide to act as a clown; I saw some tour guides doing every thing to entertain  their clients. I ‘m not that type of tour guide. I’l do everything what is professionally possible to make you enjoy the tour, but I will not invent stories just to have a better review;
  • you don’t ask questions. what is the point to pay extra and hire a private guide and not ask questions? for this, you should better hire a driver;
  • you are an extremist of any kind; if you hold extreme political or religious view don’t even think to book a tour with us;

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