A few impressions about my tours to Sarmisegetuza

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In July  I met Barry, a retired priest from USA, who was visiting Romania for the fourth time, in his effort to learn Romanian language. We had a tour to Sarmisegetuza (Regia and Ulpia), Densus Church and the next day to Marginimea Sibiului. We spent hours discussing about religion, Latin languages, Romania’s history, Dacians and RomansSarmisegetuza Regia, and I have to admit, the tours were also an enriching experience for me as well. This year, the road to Sarmisegetuza was having a new layer of asphalt, and this allowed us to save time and we were able to linger more at Sarmisegetuza Ulpia Traiana, were we had the chance to participate at the Roman festival who was taking place in the amphitheater. At Densus, Barry discovered that his  friend, an Orthodox priest and teacher from Sibiu, was the former teacher at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of  the father Alexander, the priest from Densus. We finished the day in the Small Square of Sibiu, having dinner together and having a very interesting discussion about religion and the differences between the  Christian churches.