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If the walls of the Old Town of Sibiu could talk, you never have needed a guide. But, as they are always quiet, it would be a pleasure for me to share with you the history behind each building, street, tower or square that has a story to tell to the curious eyes of the visitor. During the guided tour, I’ll lead your steps through the cobbled streets, from the imposing medieval walls, to the romantic squares surrounded by historical buildings; from the colourful Orthodox Cathedral, to the majestic Lutheran Church, from the legends of the Bridge of Lies to the amazing stories of the medieval guilds. The tour will be also a good opportunity to find out more about the historical, geographical, economical or cultural aspects of Sibiu, in particular, or Transylvania and Romania, in general.
But this tour can be more than that. If my tourists want, this tour can be like having a walk with an old friend in his new town. We can stop at any time a have a short break at one of my favourites cafes, or even have lunch or dinner, if we get hungry. Also, to be honest, I don't really like guiding large groups in Sibiu. I prefer to get to know my tourists, to interact more with them and to share together thoughts and ideas.

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TOUR itinerary (highly customisable)

1. Orthodox Cathedral

2. Lutheran Cathedral

3. Bridge of Lies

4. Little Square

5. Council Tower

6. Large Square

7. National Archives Street

8. The Thick Tower

9. Southern fortifications

Between 1.5h - 2.5 h, depending on your interests and places you want to visit
All year round. From Monday to Friday after 5.30 PM. In weekend at any hour.
It depends on the size of the group. For a tailored quote, please contact us on email, facebook or whats app, we are answering very fast :)
Depending of your available time and your interests, this tour can be the start for an exciting journey in Transylvania. After the tour is finished, we can visit the Astra Museum of Traditional Folk Civilisation, or the Open Air Museum,the largest open air ethnographic exhibition in Europe. Or we can go to the traditional villages of Marginimea Sibiului, where we can meet the local artisans practising ancient crafts. We can have lunch at a local household,tasting the famous Sibiu cheese on a piece of home-made bread fresh from the oven, accompanied by a glass of plum brandy. For more details and options, please check out our main page.
Smiles,interesting stories and good humour.
Entrance fees and meals.
Light. If we'll climb the City Council Tower, we need a good physical condition.