Photo day trip from Sibiu

Catch the most scenic images of Sibiu and the surrounding area in a private photo day trip. Explore the area from sunrise to sunset, capture the beauty of nature, the architecural details and the countryside. Tell us your ideeas and we will give you the best options for a perfect photo session in Sibiu and the around.

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TOUR description

The photo day trip from Sibiu is dedicated to photographers searching for the best spots to capture the beauty of Sibiu buildings, nature and people. It's a full day trip, from sunrise to sunset to get the maximum from the golden hours.
The locations are in Sibiu, the old town, the hills surrounding the city and the countryside. In the countryside we can capture the villages itself and the people from the daily routine.
For nature photographers, we can go up in the mountains, on Transfagarasan, to record the amazing scenic views offer by the alpine landscape.
We can also drive further from Sibiu, to Hunedoara, to visit and take pictures of the Corvin Castle, or in Sighisoara, for a photo session in the medieval citadel.


We will start early in the morning, before sunrise. We propose to options: (1). we can go to the countryside, the capture the morning mist surrounding the village, or (2). we can stay in Sibiu, to photograph the sunrise over the city's skyline.
Then, if we are in the village, we can stay longer to experience the morning routine of the villagers and their animals going to graze. If available, we can visit local craftsmen, to see him during his work. In the afternoon, we can stay in Sibiu, to see the sunset from the heights surrounding the city or we can stay in the old town, to photograph the buildings and the people during the golden hour.

versions depending on the season

The photo day tour from Sibiu is 100% customizable, depending on the requests of our guests. Moreover, each season comes with its photography opportunities: pastures with wildflowers in spring and summer, villages and mountains surrounded by autumn fog, vegetation foliage in the autumn months, the spectacle that snow creates over the landscape in winter. Book this tour

One day tour. Between sunrise to sunset
All year round.
It depends on the distance covered during this trip, but we'll do our best to stick to your budget.
This trip can be just a part of your amazing journey to Transylvania. Due to its location in the centre of the region, the possibilities are varied. The next day, you can visit Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Brasov, Sighisoara, just to name a few of your possible destinations. For more options please return to our tour list or let us a message.
Professional private guide services for the full day, transporation and translation service, if needed. At demand, we can also provide drone filming.
Entrance fees, tips for the craftmen we are visiting and meals.
Moderate. Guests must be able to climb stairs and walk on uneven surface.
Decent attire (if we'll visit a religious place).