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about The Carpathian mountains near Sibiu

Sibiu is a short distance from 2 groups of the Carpathians: the Fagaras Mountains and the Cindrel Mountains. Therefore, the city is a good starting point for mountain lovers who want to hike to the nearby mountain ridges. Although very close to each other, being separated by only a few kilometers, the 2 mountain groups are very different.

Fagaras mountains:

The main ridge of the Fagaras Mountains has a length of about 70 km, on the East-West direction, bordering Transylvania from Wallachia. In the Fagaras mountains we meet the highest peaks in Romania, Moldoveanu, with 2544 meters and Negoiu, with 2535 m. Seen from above, the Făgăraș Mountains resemble a huge spine, with the "ribs" (secondary ridges) facing north and south, respectively. The slopes in the north are much shorter and steeper (the level difference reaches over 2,000 meters, over a distance of only 8-10 kilometers) than those in the south, which are very long and gentle. The valleys that descend to the north (Transylvania), follow in their vast majority a direction almost perpendicular to the ridge line, and their waters are forced - due to the very sloping slope - to descend in jumps, forming numerous waterfalls. Another characteristic of these mountains is the numerous glacial circuses, as well as the alpine lakes located at high altitudes. Due to the large number of crests, steep slopes and peaks, the Fagaras Mountains are also called the Transylvanian Alps. Also, the most popular mountain road in Romania, the Transfagarasan, crosses the Fagaras mountains from north to south. Due to the high altitude and the risk of avalanches, most of the hiking trails are closed in the winter time. In most of the times, hiking in winter is possible for medium experienced hikers as far as the mountain huts area (Negoiu, Barcaciu, Suru).

Cindrel mountains:

The Cindrel Mountains arent' as high as the Fagaras, with only 3 peaks over 2000 meters. The name of the mountain group comes from Cindrel Peak, 2244 m, but because they are located near Sibiu, they are also called Sibiu or Cibinului Mountains. They do not have rocky ridges, being mostly covered by forests and alpine meadows. The peaks are soft and the slopes are smoother than those in Fagaras. Due to the vast surface of alpine meadows, in Cindrel we can find many sheepfolds and some shepherds' hamlets, inhabited only in summer. The hiking trails are of medium or easy difficulty and can be tried by less experienced mountain lovers. The mountain resort Paltinis, located at 32 km from Sibiu, at an altitude of 1432 m, is a good destination for ski lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

a few examples of of our hikig tours

Below you will find some hiking trails that we can do from Sibiu. Depending on the degree of difficulty and your wishes, we can organize hikes on other routes in the Carpathian mountains.

1. Lake Balea - Vanatoarea lui Buteanu peak

It is one of the most accessible and spectacular hikes you can do in the Făgăraș mountains. It starts from Lake Balea, at 2000 m and reaches one of the peaks in Romania The Carpathian Mountains, with an altitude of over 2500 m. Although a short hike is not really extremely easy: it starts with a steep climb of about 300 meters, to Lake Capra. There, on the main ridge of the Făgăraș Mountains, a splendid view opens up: Balea Lake and Capra Lake, the Transfăgărășan Road and the surrounding peaks. It is not recommended for people who are afraid of heights

Distance:3.5 km
Difference in altitude: 500 m
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Terrain: Rough and rocky

2. Hike to Negoiu peak from Porumbacu de Sus

Negoiu Peak is the second highest peak in Romania. There are several access routes to the summit, and we propose an access route to the main ridge of the Fagaras mountains, from the north side. The route starts from a foresty road at 900 m, reaches the Negoiu chalet, at 1600 meters, and from there it continues in to the Fagaras mountains main ridge, before reaching the Negoiu peak, at 2535 m. Besides the superb view over the Transylvanian plateau and the southern part of the Fagaras Mountains, with a small deviation from the route, we can see the Serbota waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the Fagaras Mountains, with a fall of 20 meters.

Distance:17 km
Total ascent: 1900 m
Difficulty: Medium to difficult
Terrain: Rough and rocky, above 1700m, below 1700 m: mainly steep forest

3. Hike around Balea lake

Another easy hike starting with Lake Balea, with the first part overlapping with route no. 1, as far as the the Caprei Saddle. From there, the routes separate, and this time we take it to the right, to the western part of the main ridge of the Fagaras Mountains, over the Transfagarasan tunnel.

Distance:4 km
Total ascent: 550 m
Difficulty: Easy to medium
Terrain: Rough and rocky
Max Elevation: 2381 meters

4. Hike along Transfagarasan road, from Balea Waterfall to Balea Lake

The hiking path starts from the cable car station area and climbs through the coniferous forest, passing near the Balea Waterfall as the Transfagarasan road meanders on the opposite side of the valley. Then the trail is taking us through the alpine valley, over the alpine pastures and through juniper bushes, a few tens of meters above the Transfagarasan road. Near Balea Lake, the route intersects with the road, which it crosses several times.

Distance: 5.5 km
Difference in altitude: 870 m
Difficulty: Medium
Terrain: Mixed: the first part is thorugh the forest and the second part, then the trail crosses the alpine meadows and juniper trees area. A few sections are rough and rocky.
Max Elevation: 2000 meters

5. Hike in the Cindrel mountains, from Paltinis mountain resort

This hike starts from Paltinis at 1450 m, from where, after passing through the dense fir forest, we reach a glade (at 1650 m) that offers us a superb panorama of the resort and Sibiu. We continue the climb, and after passing a sheepfold, we reach the Batrana Saddle (1850 m), which offers a wonderful view of the Fagaras Mountains and Lotru Mountains. From there it follows a short climb to Surdu peak, at almost 2000 m, where we can admire the entire group of Cindrel Mountains and the Transylvanian plateau.

Distance:17 km
Total ascent: 600 m
Difficulty: Easy to medium
Terrain: Forest and alpine meadows
Max Elevation: 1957 meters

6. Hike in the Cindrel mountains, from Cisnadioara to Magura peak

This hike takes us to the eastern part of the Cindrel Mountains. We start from the picturesque village of Cisnadioara at 500 m, from where a steep climb through the forest begins. We reach the level of the alpine meadows, and immediately we arrive at Magura peak (1305 m). From the summit a superb view opens on the Fagaras and Lotru Mountains, the Sadu river valley and the villages at the foot of the mountains.

Distance:14 km
Total ascent: 900 m
Difficulty: Medium
Terrain: Forest and alpine meadows
Max Elevation: 1304 meters

7. Hike in the Cindrel mountains, from Sibiel to the summer hamlets

Another hike that we propose to you in the Cindrel Mountains. It starts from Sibiel at 600 m, a picturesque village located at the foot of the mountains and after a steep climb through the beech forest we reach the forgotten ruins of the Salgo fortress (1085 m). From there, we quickly reach the alpine meadows (1100) , where we will meet a small hamlet, inhabited only in summer, by some of the inhabitants of Sibiel. From there we can enjoy the magnificent views of the Fagaras Mountains and the other peaks of the Cindrel Mountains. We continue hiking through the alpine pastures, having good chances to meet flocks of sheep in summer. We then descend into the forest, on a dirt road, and after a few tens of minutes we reach the valley of a small river that leads back to the place of departure.

Distance:14 km
Total ascent: 900 m
Difficulty: Medium
Terrain: Forest and alpine meadows
Max Elevation: 1304 meters

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