Day trip from Sibiu to Corvin Castle

Visiting Corvin Castle is one of the best trips you can have from Sibiu. Discover the most spectacular gothic castle in Transylvania in an unforgettable private tour. Add some extra options to get the most from your day with us. Enjoy your trip in a comfortable way, in our modern AC minivan.Discover all the stories of the castle and many more, from our experienced and passionate tour guide.

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Just one hour and a half drive from Sibiu, Corvin Castle , also known as Hunyad Castle or Hunedoara Castle is one of the most important tourist attraction in southern Transylvania. The fairy-tale Gothic castle, with its drawbridge over a rushing river, the pointed turrets and towering buttresses is maybe the best representation of the archetypal Transylvanian castle. Erected in the 15th century, modified many times since then, it is the largest medieval building in Romania still standing. With 42 rooms, two terraces, two bridges (of 55 and 30 meters), 7.000 square meters of built surface and a tower 72 meters high, it has an aura of an unbeatable fortress.
The Corvin Castle is the main attraction of the tour, but according to your interests we can fill the day with other stops in the area, listed below

The most popular attraction after the Castle is the imposing fortress of Alba Iulia , built in the 18th century, in the Vauban style, richly decorated with Baroque sculptures. Inside the walls, a history books reveals to the curious eye of tourists: the Roman ruins, the Gothic cathedral of the 11th century, the medieval royal palaces, and the colorful Orthodox Cathedral, built for King Ferdinand's and Queen Maria's crowning celebrations.

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If time permits, on the way back to Sibiu we can visit the picturesque villages from Marginimea Sibiului, so we can get a short glance of the rural life of the southern part of Transylvania.


We will start from Sibiu in the morning (usually at 9 AM, but it can later if you're not a morning person), drive one and a half hour to reach the Corvin Castle. We will visit the Hunedoara Castle for about one hour, and then we can have lunch at a restaurant near the castle, or, if you're not hungry, we will drive to Alba Iulia (1-hour drive). In Alba Iulia, we will have lunch (if we didn't have in Hunedoara) and then we will have a walking tour of the impressive fortress. The walk will be also around an hour, and during this time, you will have time to search for souvenirs or to enjoy a coffee or a beer at one of the pubs located inside the fortress. Then, we will head to Sibiu, where we will arrive after one hour. If time permits, one the way to Sibiu, we will have a short detour, and drive through the picturesque villages of Marginimea Sibiului.

Tour options:

We can skip Alba Iulia and add one of the following sites instead: Deva fortress, Sarmisegetuza Regia (UNESCO site), Sarmisegetuza Ulpia Traiana, Densus Church or Calnic fortress ( UNESCO site). You just have to tell me in advance if you want a custom tour and I will try to make it happen.

Who was Ioan de Hunedoara?:

Iancu (Ioan) de Hunedoara or John Corvin was one of the most distinguished military leaders in 15th century Europe. In a time when the Ottoman Empire was threatening European Christianity, Iancu de Hunedoara was the first military leader who successfully stopped the Turks to advance further west. His greatest military achievement was the battle of Belgrade in 1456 when he and his armies defeated the conqueror of Constantinopole, the sultan Mehmet the 2nd.
Iancu of Hunedoara was born in Hunedoara county (hence is his name) in a small fortress where he later built his castle. The name Corvin comes from the Latin word for raven, "corvus", which was the main element on his coat of arms. His son, Matthias, who also contributed to the development of the Corvin Castle, became one of the greatest Hungarian kings. Iancu de Hunedoara, with 2 other members of Corvin family (his first son, Ladislau and his brother) were buried in Alba Iulia, in the Catholic Cathedral, and their tombstones can be seen during our day trip.

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Points of interest

1. Corvin Castle

2. Sarmisegetuza Regia

3. Sarmisegetuza Ulpia Traiana

4. Densus Church

5. Alba Iulia fortress

6. Marginimea Sibiului

One day tour. Between 6 to 10 hours, depending on the places we choose to visit.
All year round. Contact us or text/call us at +40 740 205 877 to check the availability for the desired period.
Group size |    Price per person (EUR) |   Price per group (EUR)
1 180 180
2 90 180
3 80 240
4 65 260
5 60 300
6 55 330
7 50 350
8 45 360
This trip can be just a part of your amazing journey to Transylvania. Due to its location in the centre of the region, the possibilities are varied. The next day, you can visit Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Brasov, Sighisoara, just to name a few of your possible destinations. For more options please return to our tour list or let us a message.
Transportation and and professional private guide services for the full day. At demand, we provide Wifi access and photo service
Entrance fees and meals.
Moderate. Guests must be able to climb stairs and walk on uneven surface.
Decent attire (if we'll visit the Densus Church or any other religious place).