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A short travel guide of Romania

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If you have arrived here, you maybe are already convinced to visit Romania. So, we will only synthethise for yor you the list of the reasons to visit Romania: the beautiful and varied landscape, rich history, a mosaic of cultures, the eastern latinity, good and healthy food, friendly locals, safeness.

TOUR description

This is not a predefined tour. Everything is customisable: the starting and finish point of the trip, the number of days, places to be visited or touristic attraction to be included in the itinerary. This is a small group tour, because we want to enjoy the time spent toghether with you and your friends or family and to make sure everything goes smoothly.

A professional tour guide ( in 90% of the cases it will be the owner of the company) will permanently accompany you to provide all the insights of the places to be visited and offer all the travel assistance needed.
If you wish, we can include in the trip as many visits to the locals living in the pitoresque villages spread all over the country, to have a first hand experience of the real life in Romania. Also, where it's possible, we can have lunch with them, enjoing a home cooked meal or cold snacks prepared by them. We can organise wine or brandy tasting, or visits to traditional craftsmen.

We will decide toghther about the accomodation, but we suggest to choose small boutique hotels in the cities, or guesthouses run by families in the the countryside.

What to see

A comprehensive Romanian trip should include the following modules. .

1. Transylvania

2. Maramures

3. Bucovina

4. Bucharest

5. Danube Delta

1. Transylvania. For Transylvania part of the trip we need between 3 to 5 days. We wil use as base Sibiu and Brasov. I reccomend to spend one night in Brasov, from where we can visit Bran Castle, Peles Palace, Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary. From Sibiu we can explore Sighisoara, Corvin Castle and Alba Iulia, Transfagarasan, so will need 3 days here. Between Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov are the UNESCO fortified churches, so we will defitetively want to see at least Prejmer, Viscri or Biertan. My reccomandation is to start the Romanian trip in Sibiu, if you don't really need to see Bucharest. Wine tasting or home cooked meals can be added to the program to enrich the Transylvanian experience.
2. Maramures. Maramures can be easily connected with the Transylvania part of the trip. From Sibiu, we will head north, visit Alba Iulia and Turda Salt Mine, and finish the day in Cluj. From there we can start exploring Maramures and its quaint villages and wooden churches. We will need 2 to 3 days in Maramures. We defitenely want to visit the wooden churches listed on UNESCO site, the unique Merry Cimitery in Sapanta, the Anticomunist memorial in Sighet and we don't want to miss and unforgetable ride with the steam train in Viseu. Visits to the local craftsmen are a must of this part of the trip.
3. Bucovina. Bucovina is naturally linked with Maramures as we can drive from Viseu to one of the beautiful villages with painted monasteries. 2 days are enough for Bucovina, and if this is the final part of the Romania trip, you can use the Suceava airport to fly back home. If not, we will need one day to drive back to Transylania or Bucharest.
4. Bucharest. Bucharest can be the final or the starting part of your journey to Romania. We don't need more than 2 days here to explore the Old Town of Bucharest, the trendy entertainement district with hidden architectural gemmes scattered at every corner, the Herastrau Parc, the multitude of museums or the megalitic House of the Parliment.
5. Danube Delta is a aquatic paradise, where nature still impose the rules of living and forced the people to adapt, and not vice-versa. A cruise on this labirinty of channels, bordered by green walls of reed and willows, animated by a myriad of birds and water fauna will sedate you from the anguishes of the modern world and will dope with a dose of optimism and well-being. The cruise will start in Tulcea, and can go as far as Sulina, the eastermost city in Romania, where the Danube meets the Black Sea.

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Points of interest

1. Peles Castle

2. Bran Castle

3. Brasov

4. Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary

5. Prejmer fortress

6. Rasnov Fortress

7. Sighisoara Fortress

8. Alba Iulia Citadel

9. Transfagarasan Highway

10.Biertan village

11. Corvin Castle

12. Sibiu

7. The Merry Cimitery in Sapanta

8. The Steam Train in Viseul de Sus

9. Breb Village

10. the wooden churches of Maramures

11. the painted monasteries of Bucovina

12. Danube Delta

It depends on your time available. Usually 7 to 14 days.
Al year round. Some places aren't available during winter.
It depends on the distance covered during this trip, for a personalised offer please contact us.
Professional private guide services and a lot of smiles, interesting stories and good humour. At demand, we provide Wifi access and photo service (including aerial photo and film service with a semi-professional drone)
Accommodation, the entrance fees and the meals aren't included in our tariff, but we'll arrange that for you in order to make your trip perfect.
Moderate. Our guests need to be able to walk around 5 km per day or climb stairs.