Bird watching near Sibiu

A hiking or walking tour around Sibiu focusing in wildlife observation

Experience details

TOUR: concept

While a classic nature walk or a hiking tour scope is to reach a peak while enjoying the views, our nature tour is slightly different. Our goal is to discover the small universe that is one step away from the beaten path. Thus, we will use all our senses to explore the spectacle of nature waiting to be discovered. We will listen to the sounds of nature, we will carefully follow all signs in the sky or hidden in the most unusual places.
Although we named the tour birdwatching, we will not limit ourselves to just that. We will gladly explore any other signs left by the passage of wildlife and we will try to learn more about the plants we will encounter on our way. We will probably not see large carnivores, although we will have a very good chance of seeing the tracks left by bears on the soft ground. We are more likely to see smaller mammals, such as deer, deer, foxes, or wild rabbits.

TOUR: where

we propose you 3 different locations:

  • the wetlands formed by Olt, Hartibaciu or Cibin river. Here we can see, among the others, herons, gulls, lapwings, cormorants, ducks, swans, geese, storks, nightingales, plovers or common terns.
  • the pastures and the forests on Transylvanian highlandsWe can observe birds of prey (eagles, hawks, buzzards, falcons), bee-eaters, hoopoes, skylarks, jays, golden orioles, shrikes and many others.
  • the alpine habitats of the mountains near Sibiu. We can encounter birds of prey, woodpeckers, or smaller birds, common also to the forests habitats from lower altitudes.
  • Dumbrava Forest Natural park is a forest area annexed to Sibiu, with an area of 960 hectares, home to a large number of birds like great tit, blue tit, blackbird, woodpecker, jay, turtle dove, owl, cuckoo, sparrows, song thrush, robin, or raven.

Every location is framed into a hiking path and offers us, besides the benefits of spending time in nature, the possibility to spot different species of birds, mammals or insects.

TOUR: Equipment

It depends on the season and where we will do the tour. The outfit should be suitable for hiking (hiking boots or shoes, hats, sunglasses, a small backpack for the rain jacket, water and snacks). A camera with good zooming capability and binoculars are welcome if you have one. If not, we can borrow ours. Book this experience

One day.
All months
It depends on the size of the group, so for a price inquiry please send us a message.
This exeprienve can be just a part of your amazing journey to Transylvania. If you want to design for you a custom trip in Transylvania, please send us a message. For more options please return to our tour list or let us a message.
Transportation, guiding
Easy to medium. Our guests will need to be able to walk on unaven surfaces.
Suitable for hiking.