Day trips from Sibiu

If you have included Sibiu as part of your longer Romania trip, or just come to Sibiu for a city break, we can make your planning of the trip so much easier.

Our concept about Sibiu City break is quite simple: we are the local acquaintance who will greet you at the airport, show you the area and makes sure that everything will go smoothly during your stay in Sibiu. You don't have to worry about how to find a taxi from the airport in the middle of the night, what to choose from the array of touristic attractions of Sibiu, how to organise the logistics to visit the castles, fortress, churches or picturesque villages spread all over Transylvania. As we are experts in Sibiu and Transylvania as a touristic destination, we will design your vacation so you will get the most from your time spent here.

We can advice you for free about

- how to choose your hotel;
- what are the best restaurants
- what to ask from the local cuisine
- where are the best places for shopping
- when is the best time to visit Sibiu
- the cultural agenda of the city Book this

What we offer:

- transfer from the Sibiu Airport to your hotel and back;
- walking tour in the Old Town
- one or two day trips around Sibiu (to Sighisoara, Bran Castle, Brasov, Corvin Castle, Alba Iulia, Turda Salt Mine, Sarmisegetuza)
- 24h assistance during your stay in Sibiu

2 -4 days.
Al year round.
Accommodation, entrance fees and meals.
It depends on the day tours you want to book, but no more than 300 EUR/2 day tour for up to 4 people.