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Hello, dear traveller! Or, as we say in Romania: "Salutare! Hai noroc!" We are a Sibiu based travel company specialised in guided trips all over Transylvania and Romania. All of our tours are custom-made to fit our guests’ interests and time available. Our team of passionate tour guides is usually guiding small groups, in order to focus our attention on our guests needs and thus delivering a more personalised experience.

Our job starts after the first contact with our clients, when we begin planning their dream vacation in Romania . Based on our experience and feedback received, we design the trip step by step, keeping a close contact with our tourists prior to the start of the trip through email, phone or WhatsApp. Therefore our services include more than a guided trip as we provide travel assistance throughout all our guests' stay in Romania.
Also, we can handle the logistics of your dream vacation in Romania. The difficulties of obtaining tickets, making reservations, checking operating hours, figuring out options when you have to make decisions, these are all easy things for us.

We organise all type of tours, from cultural tours to nature-themed or culinary and wine tasting tours . We adapt to your pace and your physical shape. So, we can do easy walking tours, or more active tours, where we can cover a longer distance by foot. We do short tours (one-day trips from Sibiu) or longer tours, covering all Transylvania, Maramures or Bucovina in a multiday trip . We can show you the hidden architectural treasures of the cities, but we can also take you out of the beaten path, to the remote corners of Romania, discovering the quaint villages and their welcoming inhabitants. During the trips, while we are in the car we can cover all kind of topics, from history, politics, food ( yes, we love to talk about it :) to the economy and climate change. Or if you're not that a talkable person or you are not in the mood to chat, we respect that and we will stay quiet.

We take very seriously our guests comfort, so we only use cars with automatic air conditioning and generous room for legs. Currently, our fleet is made of a Ford Mondeo, for smaller groups, and a brand new Volkswagen Caravelle, for larger groups. Here you can find a few pictures with them.

We understand that planning a trip to a country as Romania it could sometimes present as a challenging task, considering there are a multitude of options available. For that reason, and because we don't want that a tour with us would be like a blind date, we would like to invite you to get in touch if you have any queries and also to read the REVIEWS from our former guests.
Please find below a list of our most requested tours, but if your desired trip is not on our list please leave us a MESSAGE and we'll do our best to make it happen.

About us

Travel agency from Sibiu/Transylvania/Romania

licensed tour guide

The founder - Florin

Why I became tourist guide? It's not just about the money. It's about being happy doing what I love.
I came in Sibiu/ Transylvania 18 years ago, from a small city in Wallachia, for my studies. Since then I have fallen irremediably in love with this beautiful land. I discovered Transylvania step by step, inch by inch and corner by corner. Every visit I made in the cities and the villages of Transylvania was an immersion in their rich history, and that made me learn more and more about the people, their stories and the facts behind them. With a background in finance and banking, I wanted to combine my passions and interests (revolving around history, cuisine, nature) into a profession. So, I became a certified tour guide, after graduating the tour guide school 8 years ago. What was initially a hobby, turned into a part-time job, and slowly it became my main occupation. Couldn't be more happier and accomplished, doing what I love, showing my beautiful country to my guests but also travelling the world, without leaving Romania, through the eyes of my foreign tourists.

Amateur cook

Our Values

Common sense: We are doing our best to deliver the best customer experience. But beyond that ( as customer experience sounds too much like a corporate term) all our activities are driven by common sense; which I think should be the starting point of every human interaction.
Empathy: our guests are very different; we try to adapt our conduct depending on our guest's culture, personality and country of origin. And this would be impossible without the necessary dose of empathy, which every human being should have.
Tolerance and balance: mentioned that our guests are so different. We respect all our visitors' beliefs and practices, as long they aren't radical and harmful to others.
Good listener: even though a tour guide should be more a talker than a listener, our approach is always customised. We can't know what are our guest interests if we don't listen to them, in an active mode. And yes, I have to admit that we are naturally very curious to find out more about our guests' culture, beliefs and general views.

Mountain lover

My passions

I love the mountain and from this point of view you can consider me lucky. Sibiu, my home town, is surrounded by the Carpathians, and it takes just a few minutes to reach their foothills by car or bicycle.
So, I usually spend my summer free time hiking, discovering new trails, breathing fresh air and charging my batteries for the days to come.
Also, whenever I have time, I take my bicycle for short rides around the city. There is no better way to keep my physical shape and discover the villages built centuries ago by Romanians or Saxons. It is also a great opportunity to mingle with the locals to find out their stories, their legends, their crafts secrets and learn their authentic food recipes.
I'm also interested in history. Not because is written on my job description, but because history can be a valuable tool to understand our present and helping us to avoid the mistakes we did in the past.

Amateur cook

Amateur chef

I am also passionate about food. As a traveller, I think that the local foods and drinks are absolutely essential in experiencing a country, as they reveal that region’s unique culture, history, and lore. So, a visit to the local market is a must for my vacations, no matter the destination. As an example of my culinary passion you can see above a picture of my home-made sourdough bread.
I'll not cook for you, at least not now, because I'm only an amateur cook, but if we'll became friends, who knows...we might find ourselves around a cooking party - my style. Anyway, rest assured that I know the best places to eat and drink in the region, and I can guide you to the authentic tastes and flavors this land has to offer.

Get in Touch

Please leave me a message. I look forward to answer your request.

Contact Details

Live like a local in Sibiu

We are offering our guests the possibility to make their stay in Sibiu as authentic as it can be. You can choose to live like a local in a 2 bedroom apartment, located on the ground floor of an apartment building, built in the 80s, in the communist era. The apartment is newly renevoated, and all the furniture and amenities are brand new.

Special offer The guests who are booking the tours with me, can benefit from special offer: discounted price for renting the apartment, free pick-up from the airport, train or bus station, extended assistance during their stay in Sibiu ( as I live just near by).

Apartment description The apartment is suitable for 3 to 4 guests, but it has a maximum capacity of 5 persons. The main bedroom has a double bed, 160 cm wide, the hotel type mattress is has a 4 cm layer of memory foam, to make you sleep like a baby. The second bedroom has a single bed (80 cm wide) which can be transformed in a double bed (160 cm wide). The living room has a couch, which also can be transformed into a double bed. The kitchen is equipped with modern electrical oven, microwave oven, a large fridge, gas hob, coffee maker, french press, even a dishwasher machine.
It has one bathroom, with a bathub . It has a hair drier. You can clean your clothes in the automatic wahing machine , and dry them fast in the automatic dryer.

Apartment location The apartment is located in the quietest area and with the freshest and cleanest air of Sibiu. The forest is just across the street, and the park, zoo and the Astra Museum are very close. The neighbourhood is 3.5 km from the downtown, 10 minutes by car, and it has good connections with the city with bus no. 5, which runs from 30 to 30 minutes, or even more often, at peak times. The bus station is 3 minutes away and the shops and the pharmacy are 2 minutes away.

Our travel agency is operating under the license no.1940 issued by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism. The deposits paid in advance by tourists are guaranteed by the insurance policy no. 3012, issued by GERMAN ROMANIAN ASSURANCE S.A. The company manager, Mr. Florin Ionescu is a licensed tour guide since 2013. .

Tourism Operation License
licensed tour guide
Tourism Operation License